1.  Offices of God

God has main streams or qualities. God has special qualities for spiritual, governance and for defence of all his creation and existence namely the warrior of heaven. These indeed, are:

  • spiritual teacher.
  • governor of heaven or even earth.

From the above streams of God our Spiritual Movement draws its qualities or offices of World Teacher be lords or governors over the whole universe and World Warrior. See the symbols for these in our website here in.

Do not miss out!

I was born with such inner sight—hearing too, and ability for Spiritual travel, I have almost lived a double life (two) at the one and the same time:-
What was humanity waiting for? This is a question I have asked so many times. Man was waiting for the cosmic Renaissance, which has since transpired, and I have been an eye witness to that every day, every week, month and year;
For no less than sixteen years, almost every minute, hour, Day, Week, Month and Year, have I been both an eye witness and instrumental too, regarding the last and final process of Cosmic evolution, creation and existence, which continued above and beyond our first, old cosmic Existence to new, far greater ones above;

What Humanity Had Been Waiting For

Day and night,
For over twelve Earth years

23. I Was to Realize

I was to realize quite early that most of what was happening on the inner was happening also in etheric form, around and about my physical person.
I had long been used to seeing strange phenomena right from birth, but the pure Spiritual on the inner, and especially this cosmic creative process, every year, every month, every week---daily, every night, every hour, every minute--was to leave no cosmic secret still hidden to me.

22. I Saw It All

Day and Night, I peered unto the inner and even simply manifested on the inner to be right behind or even in the void ahead the creative process in motion, wearing different bodies, personalities etc, yet all born out of, and resembling my own, physical one.

21. A New Universe

In the end there was born around and about our Earth—(and Universe) yet away from them both, in different dimension, a whole new Universe.
Ever thought of a Heaven head-quarters as a whole mighty Existence, for a whole grand set of Heavens?

20. Mother Earth Replicated

The Earth (ours) had always been the Centre
. In-fact every single World, Soul etc, that was created, was created with life and Spiritual force from an Earth Centre, directed unto the inner.
Towards the end there was created a new Big Blue Marble. Then a second—and even a third, from the direction of our old Mother, Earth Planet.
Love You All—Mooya Chilube
Copyright: Sons of the Sun—LOGOS HQ.

19. Process of Cosmic Creation

While the preliminary process of cosmic evolution, creation and existence had already been born a couple of years before the actual and final process—in fact, processes, this creative process had had its birth following Cosmic Renaissance.

18. Cosmic Resurrection

Had man ever heard of ‘Black Light’ before? Perhaps, yes, in regard to the Black-holes.
The African Saviour, a restless Spiritual Traveler of worlds and universes daily from birth, was to see the cosmic region of Black Light, that existed upon the forward edge of cosmic creation in the topmost world (Heaven) then, of the greater, Spiritual Macrocosm of the Ocean of love and mercy.

17 .Cosmic Renaissance

Ever-since the Crowning ceremony of the in-coming World Saviour of the 21st Century, by the Lord Maitreya on the early morning of the 28 of September 1981 in the Valley of Shangta, a new Occult (spiritual) political and scientific tide had been sweeping the face of Earth.