1.  Offices of God

God has main streams or qualities. God has special qualities for spiritual, governance and for defence of all his creation and existence namely the warrior of heaven. These indeed, are:

  • spiritual teacher.
  • governor of heaven or even earth.

From the above streams of God our Spiritual Movement draws its qualities or offices of World Teacher be lords or governors over the whole universe and World Warrior. See the symbols for these in our website here in.

2. WHEN I SAY……………………

When I say I have seen God I really mean it. I had been wanting to see God right from childhood through school years and that desire was to cause me to do a lot of serious Spiritual contemplation out on the plains when looking after my father’s head of cattle. It was during those years that both this spiritual movement and my spiritual office were conceived of, to be born as concrete reality years later. I was able to see and hear the divine light and sound of the spirit of God. However, when I speak of seeing God I mean the actual thing over years and recently for over 20 years, every week.


God therefore exists, at least to me and many of my disciples of years. I have travelled the cosmic worlds and universes, in my soul body and person sometimes accompanied by the great ones of Spiritual history and mostly messengers and guides from God’s home. When some great ones up the heavens found they could not understand and at first, decided ten years later to tell my story to earth people after I had grown older no less than 60 years of age. I continued to travel years to come still. I shall have to tell my story at least to my fellow country men and women.


It will be unfortunate for man, or even soul to imagine that there is no God. The created soul is not the actual soul that is God namely one universal soul. However, created soul indeed, and soul, of man, has the qualities for potential of godmen as Lord.

5.  I am fortunate:

To have been born with awakened spiritual qualities:

  • I was born in a land in southern Zambia that I was to learn to refer to as IBbala Malende, from ciTonga, my mother tongue

6.  I have seen

I have seen God and I mean it. It was not, a coincidence, but a well-planed program which was to last many years. I have encountered (so to say) God both from afar in my physical body and person, and from my spirit self, of the one most supreme God.

7.  God Exists

God exists indeed. God is great indeed. God exists indeed. Are you not able to sense the existence of God even all around you? See his creation. You do not have to meet God physically like you would meet your neighbor. God is inside you. Do not try to look for God outside yourself. The road to God is in you.

 8.  God is the Creator

God is the creator of soul and the universe. God is the one who created both the individual and the collective souls. Man, the individual human came from soul, soul which itself came from God, which and every soul and person. God is therefore the creator of both the soul and the universe.

9.  God is the Creator

God being the creator of both soul yourself and all universe. The atom therefore, came from God. Nor did the soul called Satan or demon create itself, but mealy came out of the shadows of the countless creations of the one and only true God of heavens and earth.

10.  God is therefore…………….

God is therefore the creator and father of both soul and the universe. Not to forget the atom. God is the creator of mind, even the universal mind.

For the universal mind is not the one true God nor is one with God, but a mere shadow of the actual cosmic truth; the very mind, which is believed to be the father of the atom.

11.  The Atom was made…………

The Atom was made by God. It was made when God made physical universe. This was so that it, atom, would serve as brick work of matter, the material universe. yet the atom is very important for existence, would not exist without the spirit of God.

12.  The Spirit of God

   The spirit of God, the instrument of God for all cosmic existence and creation, was made by God. And God has full control over it. For God’s creation is by far more in number than gains of sand in all beaches of earth’s seas.

13.  When I saw God

I knew for sure that I was looking at the one universal soul. the most supreme God of all. For one’s conscious encounter with God at once. In other words, which experience the traveler soul feels at once, namely the very being and presence, of It, God the most supreme soul-

14.  As it were

As it were, God dwells both in the human and soul inside the individual human entity. Therefore, soul as human or animal even Flora. That existence apart from God. For cosmic nature and creation draws life from God.

This is but a hint from the teachings and practices direct from the spiritual revelations of LOGOS wa IBbala, itself originating from the cosmic Word of God.

As it were man and the whole universe come so close to each other that they are beginning to commune with each other so that the Supreme Creator and father shall by the spirit govern directly over soul and mankind. The next step therefore, and it is now, shall be one where the government of God extending down to mankind!

15. Expanding universe.

For decades now, scientists have been talking of our universe expanding, that our world system has been growing bigger and ever larger.

Whether or not that is true it requires our effort and little belief too. I believe in that myself and I have many reasons for believing. I know that our physical universe has been shifting in parts, if not in whole. I talk of our physical universe because there is a far bigger universe above and beyond our physical universe.

It is because this universe above that our own physical universe has been moving, expanding it is true although you might find it hard to believe.

In fact, billions of universes and worlds, have been born, almost daily. Hence the birth of the pulsar and new stars, really worlds appearing in the night skies.

16.  New Earth

The star (s) have been very prophetic, a pointer and fulfillment to the coming new, worlds as the Christians have for centuries talked about in connection with the second coming of Christ, otherwise Jesus Christ.

The new world, of Jehovah’s kingdom is quite true, and that is why I am, preparing those, of the human race, aliens too, who are interested.

Mooya Chilube
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