Catalogue of Heaven

World Consciousness

God, the most original and Ultimate Entity is the one cosmic Ocean of consciousness.

Although one and the same, God basically consists, beneath the Throne of thrones, of three major streams which generally manifest as Persons of the cosmic Trinity of God. The Earth is the one Cosmic School of soul, and the duality Planes—of our Physical Universe make up the School training grounds of soul.

Soul, whose whole schooling is to do with both the World Consciousness and the individual soul consciousness.

God Himself manifests in the Physical Plane Earth World School, as a continuation below, of the Cosmic Word of God, that which makes the World Saviours and Spiritual Masters.

A World Saviour or Teacher is symbolised by the figure Six (6)—the Six-pointed Star which serves as the matrix for the Neuter or Primary Spirit of God.

New World Order

Now, ancient symbols may of-course, be understood and liked or misunderstood and feared for their applications by different people given to equally different interests.

There is, for example, always a new dawn in the world (not an imposed one, though) when a new, great World Saviour—6, is born; for there is born then, a new and greater World Consciousness, which ushers into Earth, a new, enlightened Order amongst nations and all humanity. Even more so, when three great World Saviours or Teachers enter Earth—and especially the Persons (three) of the cosmic Trinity of God.

World Government

The One World Government of God is always in place in the world, and the whole Physical Universe.

It is only that the human race—and brother humanoids, do not feel it, and help to manifest it. The religious refer to it as Jehovah’s Kingdom, this World Government vision.

An individual man or woman may not really form such a government. Even the Beast of the biblical Revelations is not truly poised for an easy success.

Christians affirm that only the Christ (Jesus) the Prince of heaven can—and shall preside over the Over-Lord Jehovah’s Kingdom.

Triple Six

Another ancient symbol employed by humans to mean different things.

The same concept of three Saviours entering Earth at the same time in the history of mankind; such as recently did the cosmic Trinity Lords.

The masses of mankind, of course, have not heard about it, it also being in the pure spiritual!


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