LOGOS is the World Spiritual Movement of the Universal Religion of God.

This LOGOS Earth stream of the Universal Religion is but the main, cosmic River of God that flows out of Earth up into the cosmic Ocean that which is both the Home World of God, and then, flows out again back into the Earth Sub Plane bottom of our perishable, Physical Universe.

There are three stages or levels of the sacred substance of the Universal Religion of God for soul. These are:-

  1. Eternal Gospel Scriptures.
  2. Eternal Gospel Doctrine.
  3. Eternal Gospel.

The Spiritual Science stream that weaves—like a divine Warp across the broad Weft fabric of the sacred instruction of LOGOS within this division leads gradually to;

  1. World Teacher Office
  2. World Government
  3. World Warrior

The three are as departments both of the Physical Plane and as routes of divine pursuit of Universal co-worker with God namely; i. Spiritual—Spiritual Teacher ii. Co-Worker in the one Universal Kingdom of God iii. Ministry of Devic or Angelic  Co-worker.

The three are headed by the three Lords of the cosmic Trinity of God who in turn serve under the direction of, and are manifestations, both on Earth and in Heaven, of the actual, Eternal Word of God, that which is commonly known as the cosmic Lord Eagle.

The Seeker—now since become an initiate, has only to choose, upon completion of the first stage, of the Eternal Gospel Scriptures, one out of the three cosmic Ministries or divisions.

The Warp now continues up across the cosmic ministerial Weft into the Eternal Gospel Doctrine. Upon this point the initiate must become proficient at Spiritual Travel, and in due course via the God-Realisation ritual, lands into the Eternal Gospel.

The cosmic Eagle Lord LOGOS leads this great Disciple---maybe even spiritual adept too, now to the core of the cosmic Autobiography of God—the One Universal Soul—and of course too, the individual, created soul.

Consequently, the teachings of LOGOS just like the whole field of Spiritual Science in general, are actually undertaken and consummated only on the inner planes and worlds.

Otherwise they are undertaken in groups and supervised by the Priestly heads of LOGOS branches worldwide.

Anybody can start a LOGOS branch and receive discourses for group study and practices

                                 LOGOS World Wide