LOGOS World Wide Mission

LOGOS World-Wide Mission

Cosmic Holy Book

Introduced at public ceremony in Cape Town in New South Africa on 11 May 2004.


LOGOS herein referred to as Spiritual Science, otherwise the World Spiritual Movement of IBbala Malende Monastic Order Place in Southern Africa, was founded in Lusaka in Zambia on the early morning of 6 June 1979.
That had been the same morning the Adept Disciple of the Cosmic Dove Father Christ Lord Maitreya had been mandated by the Nine Silent Lords on the Tenth, Leza Plane Order of Ocean of Love and Mercy to take the Order to Earth.

The Cosmic Dove Lord Maitreya along with the Adepts of the Great White Brotherhood (See the Ancient Prophecies of LOGOS and its founding Adept prior to the end of the Dark Ages) were to officially name this Spiritual Movement, ’LOGOS’ at the World Teacher (Lord Maitreya) ‘s Office block in the Himalayas in early 1980 AD.

In the year 1987 the founding Adept of LOGOS (Mega) moved LOGOS upon his early retirement, home in Southern Zambia where there was to be founded his first, inaccessible monastic retreat for LOGOS to be known as the Gabalado Monastery.

Here, LOGOS was to be split into two namely, Spiritual Science version and the One Universal Religion cosmic version.

Holy Book

The writing of the introductory portion of what was going to be known generally, as the LOGOS Cosmic Holy Book of God for soul, had begun as early as 1977 in Lusaka.


The inauguration, along with written speech, was given out on a morning, in Central, in the City of Port Elizabeth, in January 2000 ADE.

Book Centre

The introductory version and portion of the LOGOS Cosmic Holy Book was given out at a public ceremony at the Book Centre in Cape Town on 11 May 2004 ADE.

Mission One

That had been so far, one mission accomplished—the first one of the foundation of LOGOS in the physical below the Tenth plane cosmic version and original foundation and establishment.

Mission Two

The second mission of LOGOS by the African World Saviour had been intimated to the Adept in the Ocean of Love and Mercy greater Spiritual Macrocosm by Leza Mutwe (Godhead) during an audience on the early morning of 4 August 1988AD. and was about the continuation of the ancient process of God’s cosmic Evolution, Creation and Existence.

This process, in which the African World Saviour was to be both as creative instrument and Eye witness, was to, begin in the year 1999AD., and was to continue Every Year, Every Month, Every Week, Every Day, Every Hour…
Not only was this mission to take the African World Saviour across the whole sphere of cosmic Evolution, Creation and Existences—transforming him spiritually beyond soul ‘s imagination, but it was also, to really be the birth of the Cosmic Autobiography of God.

This mission—second one out of the three, was to slowly come to an end by the end itself, of the Year 2016 ADE.

Spiritual Science

Meanwhile, even as the second mission was going on the Cosmic Eagle successor to the Cosmic Dove Lord Maitreya—as from the 28 of July 1996, was as World Teacher to bring together the major Orthodox Religions, Material Science etc. in Kailash—the Golden City of Twelve Gates, and then uplifted them to Subconscious Mind Plane top of the Physical Universe to constitute the single, parent, stream of Spiritual Science.

There was now, only one LOGOS Mission—of Spiritual Science—which leads directly into the One Universal Religion. This was, and is indeed, to commence practically in early 2017 ADE, and it would be the LOGOS World-Wide Mission.

Now then, this year 2017, begins the World-Wide Mission—of Spiritual Science.

The Eagle Has indeed, Landed!

  LOGOS World-Wide Mission

      Spiritual Science

Mission Three


See Manual on Spiritual Science. Spiritual Science Is:-

  1. a. Field of study and practice
  2. b. General reference to both the World Spiritual Movement of the World Etheric Order (edifice) of IBbala Malende, and the One Universal Religion.
  3. c. The Language or Jargon of Spiritual Science itself.


There are three cosmic streams or polarities of God, and particularly so, within the Physical Universe. These are, up, from below, as follows:-

  1. a. Negative Polarity or Destroyer stream.
  2. b. Positive Polarity or Creator stream.
  3. c. The Preserver Polarity or stream which becomes on Saguna Lok the Holy Ghost and in Sat Lok, the Primary Spirit of God level and type of cosmic Energy.

The Primary Spirit of God stream Energy is what becomes upon the Sixth Plane beyond Sat Lok—Fifth Soul Plane, the Neuter Spirit of God pure Energy.
Just what level or type of energy did the Cosmic Dove Father Christ Lord Maitreya, He who presided over all major Religions of the Earth world, command?
It was the Holy Ghost level and type of energy namely, the corrupted level and version of the Primary Spirit of God as on Sat Lok—the first and lowest true Heaven.

Consequently, the Christ energy was, through the Holy Ghost that of Christ Consciousness as founded upon the Subconscious Mind top-plane of the Physical Universe.

The Christ Consciousness Holy Ghost energy was therefore, as the Positive stream of God, founded upon the top regions of the Physical Universe.

The opposite of that was the Negative or Destroyer stream of the Holy Ghost which was Earth-bound, and being negative, constituted the Left-hand path of Black Magic, as opposed to the Positive Right-hand path of the slightly higher, Universal Mind energy of the Holy Ghost.

The Positive energy of the Holy Ghost gave birth through Christ consciousness, to the attainment and experience of cosmic consciousness or Illumination in the top of the Physical Universe the crossing-over point into the Sat- Lok Heaven above.

The Earth-bound energy of the Physical energy constituting as it were, the Negative, Left-hand path of simple, low, occult energy constituted similarly, its own type of energy namely, that of Black Magic.

Both the Negative and Positive streams sought after the essence (for different reasons) of Illumination or Cosmic consciousness, but only the positive reached up, high enough to dip into the Christ consciousness for Illumination while the negative stream reaped only the Siddhis—plain psychic or Magical powers, short of the actual divine Enlightenment of the true Illumination of the Christ Consciousness!

Desired Life-style of Soul

The extremes of the Negative stream in the Earth Physical world and that of the Positive polarity is, that of the negative of which plain Experience and Endurance of Physical Life terminate in Suffering and Death.

In extreme situations the negative stream manifests as an instrument of Abuse and Torture of souls in the human embodiment, so much that one quite often is given to a life-style of Ill worldly governance and abuse, the negative nature of mortal men in power, being the very opposite of the positive type above—especially of the Neuter polarity or that of the Primary Spirit of God Energy of the ruler-ship of the pure souls under the true representative Father of souls namely, the Lord Sat Nam (God) of Sat Lok, the Head of the One true Government of God, extending a little into the Physical below.

The desired life-style therefore of man, whether in Sat Lok as pure souls or on Earth as mere humans, is that of a governance or worldly Government of true care, love and Enlightenment, Self-Empowering, Freedom and Joy—hence a World Government of the type of God over souls, just as foreseen and prophesized by the great ancient Masters of old, and even biblical patriarchs such as Enoch.

For the human too, is soul anyway but only clothed in a robe of flesh.

Hence the subject, as that of the World Teacher and even that of the World Warrior, of the World Ruler or World Government in the Spiritual Science’s Eternal Gospel Scriptures.

The out-gone Cosmic Dove Christ Lord Maitreya’s last highest Office had been the one on Saguna Lok for Christ Consciousness and Illumination—Saguna Lok having been the origin and home of the Fire and the Voice of the Holy Ghost level of the Primary Spirit of God.

The Cosmic Dove Lord Maitreya was to leave both Earth and the whole Physical Universe before he had fulfilled his quest to uplift more of humanity by the Enlightenment of his Christ consciousness and Illumination from the lower, Holy Ghost up, to the actual, original Primary Spirit of God in Sat Lok.

Spiritual Science

Forever, the negative stream of Black Magic attempted to copy and reproduce below, that of the positive and even of the Primary Spirit of God in heaven above.

For the negative stream and polarity was, and is still indeed, as the shadow upon the ground below, of the one, actual Positive stream above, especially that of the true Primary Spirit of God far above.

Un fortunately, for the Negative stream, the Cosmic Dove Christ’s Successor namely, the Cosmic Eagle, was to uplift the old Christ consciousness stream along with its ailing, old Religions up beyond the equally ancient Holy Ghost into the pure substance in Sat Lok, first and lowest true Heaven above of the Primary Spirit of God, to constitute the actual Spiritual Science parent Stream of religion and science.

That was to be the birth of Spiritual Science.

Equally the Successor to the old, occult (cults too) science of the now out-gone Cosmic Dove Lord Maitreya who had been operating from within the duality planes, still, of the Physical Universe beneath Heaven.

Spiritual Science leads then, to the individual person’s heavenly attainment as soul, on Sat Lok, of Self-Realisation.

Spiritual Travel

The third level of the overall substance of Spiritual Science after the plain Spiritual Science field of study and practice, and after the second one of the Eternal Gospel Scriptures, was to be that of Spiritual Travel.

Spiritual travel is founded and based on the pure Soul on one hand, the pure Spirit of God on the other hand. That is man in his pure Soul being, riding upon the dual waves—the centripetal and centrifugal flow of the true Primary Spirit of God, and or even the greater, Neuter cosmic level of the Spirit of God. The Primary or Neuter Spirit of God as it were, is the actual substance of both the World Spiritual Movement of the Order in Earth etheric realms of ‘IBbala Malende’ Place (birth grounds) of the African World Saviour in PEMBA--Zambia rural, and the One Universal Religion above still.

After Spiritual Travel

After the Spiritual Travel field of study and practice comes now, the fourth (4th) field of intensive study and practice known specifically as Siliso—otherwise, the Eternal Gospel Doctrine which may lead to the first ritual, of God-Realisation.

Cosmic Autobiography of God

The fifth level and field of study and practice known specifically as Siliso or the Eternal Gospel Doctrine is that of the cosmic Autobiography of God.

The cosmic Autobiography of God is born initially upon the fuller and final ritual of God-Realisation when the Disciple of a true God-man of the age comes face-to-face with the true Entity of God as Leza, the Lord of the Tenth, Leza Plane top of our first, Physical Macrocosm.

For Leza is the Creator and Father of both soul, all Existence below, and all that is in it. His Home—Leza, is the home too, and final destination of soul.

Eternal Gospel

The Sixth, highest and the last field of study and practice, in Spiritual Science of the LOGOS World Spiritual Movement and the One Universal Religion of God for soul, is that of the Eternal Gospel.

The Eternal Gospel was in the beginning born out of the Ancient Gospel of which together with the Eternal Gospel constitutes the Life history of God—Leza Muntu along with that of the individual soul.

For Muntu’s biography is the Story also, of the individual Soul Atoms of God. The Eternal Gospel has its origin in the Ancient Gospel, starting before the Appearance of the cosmic Entity of God—through the birth of Muntu (Human or Humanoid) in the Ancient Primeval Void, into Cosmic Evolution, Creation and Existences of God. The process continues until the final cosmic form or state of Muntu and His final World.

This is a long, long cosmic Story of God, which I was most fortunate to go over, carried by the cosmic Neuter Spirit and it is a field of the Eternal Gospel of God that shall take humans—as with the pure souls, great Ages-- soul lives to go through by study, and fully understanding and knowing God—Leza Muntu, out of whose celestial form all humans as souls, came as mere soul atoms!

Where, just for-instance, is God? What does He look like, and can I see God and perhaps, too. even hear Him talking?

Lord Eagle