LOGOS - IBbala


One Universal Religion:

LOGOS World-Wide Mission:-

Mission Statement: “Out of Every Word Said In the Name of LOGOS shall Come A Whole Ocean of Words.”

Vision: “LOGOS Is All Else and Much More.”

There is only One God namely, the One Universal Soul or Spirit of spirits,

And just like there is only One God, so too, is there, but One Universal Religion of God, all within our immediate cosmic Existence namely, the Order of Ocean of Love and Mercy, known above still, as the IBbala Malende Order, and that order is presided over by the IBbala or the eternal Word of God.

LOGOS, from Greek, means, Word of God or IBbala namely, the eternal Word of God or the Cosmic Religion of the Eternal Word of God:-

Before the Primeval (Black Light) Void was the order of Nutron or ibala which later, following the creation of our greater, Spiritual Macrocosm of Ocean of love and mercy was reproduced from the IBbala Malende Order by IBbala (Nutron himself) as the Order of Ocean of Love and Mercy.

Personal Profile: Mooya Chilube Lord Eagle - Mooya Chilube

(a) In The Beginning:
In the beginning the African Disciple of the Great White Brotherhood was pulled up by the Nine teaching Arch Angels who preside over the One Universal Religion or Order of Ocean of Love and Mercy to receive the mandate to take the Order (in whole) below the Tenth plane, for the first time ever, and found it afresh in the Earth world.
That had been on the early morning of the 6th day of the 6th month of the year 1979 AD.
The African Disciple was to return to Earth that morning as the 102nd Living LOGOS Master (in transit to the office of the Son Christ) in the Office of the Father Christ Lord Maitreya.
The African Disciple had also been given a spiritual name—of Towki, meaning little child or World Saviour.
Thereafter, following the founding of LOGOS, the African Saviour continued, even much more rapidly, to evolve spiritually.

(b) A Child Is Born
Come the early morning of 28 September 1981 AD., he was to undergo the Crowning ceremony following a colour-full shooting Star and a voice from above;
‘A Child Is Born!”
That had been in the Valley of Shangta in Tibet at the ceremony presided over by the Cosmic Dove Father Christ Lord Maitreya of Changier in the Himalayas before hosts of beings.
That had been on the occasion, when a Pillar of white Light from Heaven above, had descended and enveloped the figure of Towki, now since renamed Mega Oyusa .The Crowning ceremony signified :-

  1. The giving out of LOGOS to the world
  2. The birth of the ultimate, 12th incarnation of Vishnu
  3. The birth of a Son Christ.
  4. The official birth of the African Renaissance

(c) Trinity
Following the Crowning ceremony, the Son Christ was quick to notice, especially on the inner in the physical, that there existed three replications of himself who existed and worked in close co-operation with his earthly being as manifestations of the Persons of the Cosmic trinity—with his own being as both the first and fourth entity;

In-coming, Cosmic Eagle Father LOGOS, Lord LOGOSOGO Cosmic Eagle

(d)Cosmic Eagle
The African Saviour, now become the first Son Cosmic Eagle Lord LOGOS, was placed, about 1985, under apprenticeship in the Cosmic Dove Lord Maitreya’s lofty, fortress office on Saguna lok topmost world of our Physical Universe.
Come the early morning of the 28 of July 1996, the Son Eagle replaced the Cosmic Dove Father Christ Lord Maitreya to become the Cosmic Eagle Lord LOGOS, and fifth World Teacher.

  1. LEZA WABA MUNTU”..(God has become Man), so sang the Devas later after the 28 of July 1996 add a song which has now since become the Anthem of LOGOS.
  2. Cosmic Trinity

The Cosmic Eagle was to notice one day, in broad day light as he sat upon a stool, three giant etheric men exactly in his own image and likeness, standing—parading for him only about two meters before him on the western side.
These were persons of the cosmic trinity of God born all over, out of his physical person. These were a different set from the earlier three—who even now continued to exist in their own collective and individual rights and capacities. The first giant man on the furthest south, was the World Teacher self. The second was the World Ruler self and the third was the World Warrior self.
The man of the body of flesh in the outer Earth was, and would always be the fourth and yet the central personality be it in his physical form or as pure soul on the inner.
First and foremost therefore, the once Son Cosmic Eagle Lord LOGOS had now become the World Teacher and he had his own inner self and personality apart from the three giants who were as manifestations of his lesser self as soul.

1. World Teacher
The World Teacher is a Father Sun or Christ, who presides over all major religions and or spiritual paths in the world.
This is just as had been the Cosmic Dove Father Christ Maitreya and others before Him down—both the cosmic and the popular human history.
Such a one is of the anointment of the Sun of suns or the eternal Word of God or IBbala. They have all been in this greatest historic office of the world and the Physical Universe in etheric form.
Not until now in the cosmic history however, had all three Persons of the Cosmic Trinity of God (plus one) incarnated below in the Physical at the one and the same time—as IBbala—the Eternal Word of God—Nutron etc.
So this age, starting with the Aquarian era in the 21st Century of the 3rd Millennium of the great, Iron Age (Kali Yuga) was as a very special time in the entire unfoldment of both the cosmic and human history.

2. World Ruler
The second one of the three etheric giant persons of the cosmic trinity of God born out of the man of the body of flesh, was that of the World Ruler.The World Ruler was to be the founding entity and establisher of the much, long prophesized in-coming World Government.

The World Government concept existed before the secret societies of the world and shall continue to be, aside from and after the secret societies of the psychic Occult science.

3. World Warrior
There was then to be the third and last of the giant etheric entities, to undertake too, his due world mission. The World Warrior was a great Angel—in-fact, the greatest of all God’s creation and self-manifestation stream of cosmic Devas.
He was to fulfill all virtues and duties within the etheric realms of our Earth. This giant man born out of the mortal man of the body of flesh was to head the stream therefore, of all the great Devas of the Earth and the Physical plane team.

He too, was to found and establish his own stream of the Silent Logoi—Arch Angels of the Leza plane above, within the yet to be known realms of a newly founded and established monastic retreat in the Southern African Region of the Continent of Africa.

  1. African Renaissance
    Although officially born on the early morning of 28 September 1981, the continental wind of change, namely, the African Renaissance, had been raging on all over the world ever-since, and in Africa, blowing both from east into the west and especially from North Africa to South.
  2. World Renaissance
    The world has heard of the great World Renaissance, that of a period at the end of the Dark Ages, which was to be fuelled additionally, by the Industrial Revolution in Europe.
    That wave of renaissance had had its origin in a new world renaissance movement originating in ancient Egypt in North Africa. The originator had been a great African Sage Thoth—the Egyptian god of wisdom or knowledge who had written many books on all subjects of the religious and science and he had even established a great library at Alexandria from which all world was to come to drink of the knowledge and due enlightenment. The Greeks knew him as Hermes. He was Trismegistus the Three-Times-Great. The Afurakans (Africans) knew him as Haramanuba or Tau-Tau.
    Haramanuba’s consciousness movement had not been complete or the last one. The final and last of the waves was as yet to come—originating this time,, with the swing back to Africa, with the birth of the Cosmic Eagle, Lord LOGOS, of the world Occult pendulum.
    Thus there had been born officially in the Valley of Shangta at the Crowning ceremony of the African Saviour, African Renaissance. There had been born from around this time therefore, a new African Renaissance wave.
    With the rage and scope of this force, the wind of change had thrust out even more, with the birth of the three persons of the cosmic trinity, and the consequent birth in the Earth, of the new World Teacher, and none but of the most supreme type and nature of the Cosmic Eagle Lord LOGOS Himself—the Ultimate Entity of the historic World Teacher Office.
  3. Cosmic Renaissance
    The developments within the inner etheric realms of our Physical Universe and up right up, of the Cosmic Evolution, Creation and Existence of the One Most Original and Ultimate God—Leza, though totally even unsuspected by humans were to lead to further rise up right into the cosmic grand divisions of our Existence, of the African-World-Renaissance to birth the Unique, un heard of, Cosmic Renaissance.

    The greater thrust into the cosmic, of the Cosmic Eagle Himself through and coupled by the manifestations of the persons of the cosmic trinity, was to lead in the topmost world of our Existence to the Resurrection of the One Most Original and Ultimate One. Ever heard it said that God was the ‘Formless One’ and that God ‘was dead?’

    The resurrection by the Cosmic Eagle central person of the Persons of the cosmic trinity was to trigger off the continuation above and beyond our cosmic Existence then, of the one original process of the Cosmic Evolution, Creation and Existence of God; and therein is the actual beginning of the Story of stories namely, the Cosmic Autobiography of God—Leza;

    Perhaps not just the story but above all, that even the numerous groups of devas of the heavens were not to be aware of, until towards the end of the process itself of Cosmic Evolution, Creation and Existence.

    This was to be nothing other, but the process of African Renaissance turned into
    ‘Cosmic Renaissance!’


One Universal Religion—Departments of study:-
The divisions (Crowned offices) under which fall major cosmic fields of
Study are as follows:-
1. World Teacher Office 2. World Government 3. World-

Sun, Lion, Angel Wings