23. I Was to Realize

I was to realize quite early that most of what was happening on the inner was happening also in etheric form, around and about my physical person.
I had long been used to seeing strange phenomena right from birth, but the pure Spiritual on the inner, and especially this cosmic creative process, every year, every month, every week---daily, every night, every hour, every minute--was to leave no cosmic secret still hidden to me.

I was in fact, to become inwardly, completely new even to my own self, a stranger, a being, not quite of this world, yet so well and easily, playing along!
Then of course, daily, strange, semi invisible manifestations-- effects or as a result of all this, were forever to fill all space around my person.
Now, there may have to be a specific message from me to those of humanity that may be interested. This message may have to be given out herein-after, from our Website, in the same manner as has been the foregoing, starting—hopefully, no later than mid -year 2016 ADE.
Then I shall attempt to embark upon the final tasks, may be the actual, and final Mission too, of my life.
Love you All,
Mooya Chilube
LOGOS (IBbala Malende) HQ.