Order of IBala Malende

Order of IBala Malende

1.Order of IBala Malende

The One original IBbala was the deceased Muntu as one and same together with the soul within that which was, and still is, the One Universal Soul, namely, the Eternal Word of God.
Malende, was as a reference to the Cosmic Family Tree or Path of God—Leza Muntu.
The essence and very symbolism of the order or cosmic religious path of ibala by which Path the now formless Muntu, had travelled out of the Primeval Void to consciousness of the supreme Godhood, was now lodged and hidden in the Black Light cosmic consciousness Pool of Night on the forward edge of cosmic creation.
Following the birth of soul-atoms from the dissolved body of Muntu and since despatched down to the Tenth, Leza plane, Nutron reproduced the Order of IBbala Malende to serve as the Family Tree or Order of souls in the future, and named it the Order of Ocean of Love and Mercy—praise name of God.
It was meant to be as the Story or Autobiography of God-- and soul. A document in black Light exists, of Nutron clad in white light, in theact and process of founding the Order in the top of the greater, Spiritual Macrocosm of the Ocean of love and mercy.
The establishment of the most original and ultimate version of the Order of IBbala Malende has its beginning in the far greater, Pseudo-Existence above our first cosmic Existence, in what is named, otherwise, as the Order of the cosmic Ocean of Life, Wisdom and Power.

2. Order of IBbala Malende

The Cosmic Autobiography of the One Universal Soul, which is also the individual soul’s own Universal story, constitutes the heart of the Order of IBbala Malende which was established in the top of the Ocean of love and mercy by Nutron, as the Order itself, of the Ocean of love and mercy grand division of cosmic creation—then.
Later still following the cessation of the giant, cosmic Entity of Leza Muntu, and the birth of souls on the Tenth, Leza plane, Leza—the Supreme Father causes the Order of Ocean of Love and Mercy to be reproduced and established on the Tenth plane below.
Leza appoints a team of Silent Lords—Nine teaching Arch Angels to preside over the Order.
This establishment on the Tenth plane, of the Ocean of Love and Mercy, is the One Universal Religion of God for soul.
This one Universal Religion consists of nothing but the essence of the cosmic substancence of the cosmic Autobiography of God—vested in the Logos—the pure, cosmic Neuter Spirit of God, that which is then to be known as the Eternal Gospel.

3.Order of IBbala Malende

(One Universal Religion of God)
The LOGOS Cosmic Holy Book of God for soul tells the story of the fall of soul in heaven, from the grace of God.
Soul continues to fall, then, below even the first and lowest true heaven of Sat Lok above the Physical Universe.
Efforts at giving some general tenets of the Eternal Gospel of the Tenth plane above, to the prodigal souls—the little children of Light, lead to the birth and establishment on Sat Lok far below, not of the Eternal Gospel (Cosmic Autobiography of God) but to a lower version namely, that which becomes the Eternal Gospel Doctrine---Siliso.
The Cosmic Doctrine of Siliso reduces finally in the top of the Physical Universe below still, to the Eternal Gospel Scriptures.
The Eternal Gospel remains intact on the Tenth plane in the Order of Ocean of Love and Mercy. The Eternal Gospel Doctrine however, is brought down in its simplified form, for the Giant Race on Earth as the Nameless One’s ‘Lost Word’ of the Masonic Order.
Meanwhile, a version of the Eternal Gospel Scriptures exists already in the Golden Age with the Adepts—Masters of the Most Original and Ancient Brethren-In-White Order.

4. Order of IBbala Malende

(LOGOS World Spiritual Movement)
The divine Story has its beginning on the early morning of the 6th day of the 6th Month of the year 1979 AD.
This is the early morning of the day when the African(Afurakan) Saviour is taken to the Order of Ocean of Love and Mercy on the Tenth plane for direct mandate from the Nine Silent Lords.
This is the mandate to take down beneath the Tenth plane, the Order to found it afresh on Earth as LOGOS—the World Spiritual Movement of IBbala Malende.
That early morning the African returns to Earth spiritually re- named Towki (World Saviour) and wearing the title of Living LOGOS Master (the 102nd) en transit to the office of the Son Christ in the greater, World Teacher Office of the Cosmic Dove Lord Maitreya.

5.Order of IBbala Malende

The Order of IBbala Malende on Earth—in the Physical, is situated and founded in the invisible realms known as Munzi (Camp) wa IBbala Malende.
Herein is the etheric home (hidden monastic Retreat) of the LOGOS Adepts of the lineage of the Sons of the Sun.
There stands herein—on the inner, a strange edifice, for Castle home of the Sons of the Sun.