Cosmic Lord Eagle

Cosmic Lord Eagle

1. Cosmic Lord Eagle

The Cosmic Eagle was to be a Personality of Nutron--Leza Mwami Mupatiii namely, the LOGOS-OGO, the actual Soul of the Word of God.
The Eternal Word of God was and is, still, the cosmic IBbala.
The Cosmic Eagle was a Personality of Leza Muntu namely, Nutron Himself as the Supreme Lord of Lords and the Eagle symbol, referred directly, through the Soul of the IBbala Nutron, to deceased God, Leza Muntu.
The deceased Muntu or ‘formless God,’ was before, and forever after--- strictly as one and same with Nutron, the Eternal Word of God; otherwise, the only One Cosmic Eagle.

2. Cosmic Lord Eagle

In the beginning had been manifestations down in the physical and our Earth, of the Cosmic Eagle overall IBbala--- Muntu.
These had been the Anointed ones of, and symbolised also, generally by the face of the sun.’
Then came the Cosmic Dove—Father Christ Lord Maitreya who was the anointed one of the Holy Ghost and symbolised by the Dove—Cosmic Dove lower self and messenger of the Cosmic Eagle.
Only then did the Cosmic Eagle—original IBbala or actual Eternal Word of God actually incarnate in the physical below the top of the overall Cosmic Creation and Existence, to become one with the mortal man—World Saviour Lord LOGOS.
Then the Lord LOGOS became an embodiment of both the actual IBbala and the One Cosmic Eagle—Nutron the LOGOS-OGO or Soul of the Word of God.

3. Cosmic Lord Eagle

The Cosmic Eagle was the actual IBbala, and Nutron was the senior-most Stream, the Heart itself of the cosmic IBbala.
The two other lower Streams of the IBbala were to be those represented on the Mental plane by the persons of the Creator family members.
The Persons of the cosmic Trinity were to descend the two Macrocosms to be personified through the Cosmic Eagle Lord LOGOS as the three;
a. World Teacher b.World Ruler and c. World Warrior.

4. Cosmic Lord Eagle

The Persons of the cosmic trinity of God have always been one and the same ever since the days of the cosmic Humanoid Muntu in the Primeval Void before the beginning even of the conception of worlds and heavens.
Finally these persons of Leza Muntu were to remain, following the dissolution of the Cosmic Giant’s body, first and foremost, as cosmic Streams of energy, and then as personifications of the Cosmic Eagle—Muntu.
The Cosmic Eagle was the IBbala next to, and one and same with Leza Mutwe—Godhead, in the Ocean of love and mercy. The neuter, Nutron Stream was the highest—next to Leza Mutwe.
The mechanical aspect of the trinity was below, to manifest as those of the Creative Family of the Over Lord Brahm—Jehovah namely, Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva.
Yet the real cosmic trinity was always above, next to the Cosmic Eagle—IBbala—Muntu.

  1. Eternal Word of God
    The World Teacher had existed always—as a general manifestation on Earth—Physical Universe, of the Eternal Word of God.
    The World Teacher such as the Cosmic Dove Lord Maitreya (4th upon the line) had been one anointed of the Sun of the suns.
    World Teachers had not been one and the same with the cosmic Sun of the suns, but ones simply ‘anointed.’
  2. Father Creator
    The World Ruler was to be the Person of the Creator aspect of the Cosmic Eagle Eternal Word—cosmic IBbala—God—Leza Muntu. He was the Cosmic Creator channel far above and below on Earth as the World Ruler.
    The World Ruler was to be the Establisher of the actual World Government religious concept of the ancient prophecies.
  3. Warrior of Heaven
    The cosmic manifestation of the World Warrior Person of the cosmic trinity of God, was that of the Warrior of Heaven namely, theChief one of the fighting Silent Lords—Arch Angels.
    The Warrior of Heaven—to be known down here below, as the World Warrior, was really but that of the ‘other’ face of the Father Cosmic Creator up in Heaven who in the Physical Universe below, is symbolised by the Destroyer channel and personification.

5. Cosmic Lord Eagle

The Cosmic Eagle has long been in the world (ever-since the year 1996 just before the departure of His predecessor the Cosmic Dove Lord Maitreya.
The Cosmic Eagle has however, not been quite of this world, and has been in the cosmic wildernesses, tied up with the higher creations and existences.

6. The Eagle Has Landed!

The Cosmic Eagle Lord LOGOS, has finally Landed, to-day the 22nd Day of the 7th Month of the Aquarian era ruled by Uranus the Lord of science, in the 21st Century, of the 3rd Millennium A.D.E.
You only need to imagine as to what significance that may have to both our Earth and the whole Physical Universe!