God—Leza the Supreme Father

God—Leza the Supreme Father

All Cosmic Evolution, Creation and Existence is founded and based only on One Mighty Being, God—Leza.
This cosmic Being, Leza or whatever you wish to call It, has three major cosmic Streams or Personalities that flow out and back into Itself. These are really Its own lower Self-manifestations—Lords, and they are known collectively as the Cosmic Trinity of God.
God—Leza the one most original Cosmic Human (Muntu) or Humanoid given to a series of personal, unique and simple names, existed before, above, and after the cosmic trinity.

For He (IT) is the Most Original and Ultimate One!

Otherwise, the collective Personality of this Humanoid—(Muntu) beginning with the lowest Person of Its cosmic trinity, goes as follows:-

  1. Lord IBbala—Is the Eternal Word of God, which makes and or anoints great World Saviours, and manifests in the Physical world as the World Teacher.
  2. Lord Creator—Is the cosmic Father Creator, who in the Physical world occupies the position of World Ruler.
  3. Lord Warrior of Heaven---Is the World Warrior.
  4. God—Leza---This Cosmic Giant (Muntu) that has never before, until now, been seen by soul, exists on His own (without a peer) and is neither the first nor the last.


Behold the Beacon!
Behold a Website, of the Cosmic Order of IBbala Malende -- a true beacon for all true cosmic Travellers; of both our Earth world and the greater, Physical Universe.
Its layout and technical sophistication may change a thousand times in the future, but its context shall stay same forever.

Now both the Religionists and materialist Scientists are right about their theories of Creation and Evolution

1.The Autobiography of God

Of the countless names and descriptions of Leza—that which you generally refer to, in your holy feelings and imagination, as God, none ever touches its essence and Person.

Long before the beginning Was but ‘It’—the formless cosmic nothingness and No Consciousness that which was later to materialise the Primeval Void, of Black Light primordial Cosmic Consciousness.
A series of divine form and articles of matter followed, yet until finally there was born out of Time and Space, a Giant Humanoid Being—Muntu, was there born IT—(ibala) that which was to become known generally, as God.
IT—Muntu, was to conceive of and create both by Itself and through Its three channels—Trinity, the Material Universe, Physical Universe, Spiritual Universe and right into the Tenth Leza plane top of our immediate Physical Macrocosm.
Only then did It become Leza—the true God to be known later as the Supreme Father.
Leza then continued with the conception of the planes of the greater, Spiritual Macrocosm of the Ocean of love and mercy right to the topmost plane of our first, overall Cosmic Existence. Then Leza Muntu—the One Universal Soul, dissolved Its body into a whole sea of soul-atoms.
There now remained only the Streams or Persons of Its Cosmic Trinity as Its Black Light consciousness wafted up, to the forward edge of Cosmic Creation, to become but a pool of Night.
No soul ever saw the actual One Most Original and Ultimate God Leza Muntu.
IT—became that which was to be known always by the created soul, as the ‘Formless One.’
So have both the Lords of planes and World Saviours often said;
“God Is Dead!”

2.The Autobiography of God

Out of the dissolving form of Muntu came Nutron the Logos-Ogo—the Cosmogo or the One Universal Soul of God—Leza Muntu, as the highest one of the Persons of the Cosmic Trinity of God—symbolised by the Cosmic Eagle.
Nutron was to erect his great edifice of blazing divine Fire and the Throne of thrones, to become Leza Mwami Mupatii namely, God the mightiest King.
Then it came to pass that Nutron reproduced himself directly all the way down to the Tenth, Leza Plane below.
Just below His Throne, he manifested as Leza Mutwe (Godhead); and just below still, he manifested as Leza IBbala or Eternal Word of God. The IBbala body of Nutron shone like a great cosmic sun and so was it to be known as the Sun of the suns.
Nutron manifested on the Tenth plane as Leza the Supreme Father—the first and lowest true Person of God the deceased Muntu.
Leza the Supreme Father was to decreasingly manifest himself below as the Lords of planes of the Physical Macrocosm and the Spiritual and Physical Universes notably as God—Lord Sat Nam of Sat lok (Fifth soul plane) lowest and first true heaven from below.
Then came that of the Lord Brahm (Jehova) the creator Over-Lord of the Physical Universe (Material Universe) and His feminine Consort Shakti the Queen of heaven, and foster Sons—the Universal Channels of God namely;

  1. Preserver Channel Vishnu—Son Christ
  2. Creator Channel Brahma
  3. Destroyer Channel Shiva

Yet too, there was to be the Executive Lord of the Physical plane Ganesh—Elaam of Retz.

3.The Autobiography of God

The LOGOS Cosmic Holy Book of God for soul, talks of Nutron the representative Cosmic God being headed for the Physical Universe as an ordinary soul emptied of its black Light cosmic consciousness in the top of Cosmic Existence.
Nutron enters Earth in the times of the Giant race of humanity in the first, Golden Age of cosmic history; and later the Nameless One goes up to hold Nutron’s Throne of thrones in trust. Just how does that happen?
Nutron begins afresh with spiritual evolution on earth, but later after many cosmic cycles, returns above to ‘reclaim’ his Throne of thrones and to re-connect with the ancient black Light Spirit of the ageless deceased Leza Munt. That is in the reign, in the physical below, of the Lord Cosmic Eagle.
So, the ancient Muntu, the most original and ultimate one, Resurrects above even as the Lord Cosmic Eagle continues to live on Earth being one who exists simultaneously both on earth below and in Heaven above.
This is a development which leads above, to the resumption of the second and final cycle of the Cosmic Evolution, Creation and Existence of Muntu above beyond our immediate cosmic Existence into the far greater Ocean of Life, Wisdom and Power, namely, Pseudo-Existence. This is a process which rages on for many years—every year, Month, Week, Day, Hour and Minute, a cosmic Renaissance that souls, even most of the Earth’s Gurus—with exception of the flock of the Silent Lords, never get to even so much as just hearing about it all.
The materialist Scientists however, claim correctly at this moment about the ‘expanding’ Universe. All this is a part of the Cosmic Autobiography of God—Leza Muntu, and is told in various volumes of the IBbala Cosmic Holy Book of God for soul—but for the future Seventh root race (Eaglets) humanity and of-course, for Existences far above our first one of which the Ocean of love and mercy is the topmost Macrocosm.