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I was born with such inner sight—hearing too, and ability for Spiritual travel, I have almost lived a double life (two) at the one and the same time:-
What was humanity waiting for? This is a question I have asked so many times. Man was waiting for the cosmic Renaissance, which has since transpired, and I have been an eye witness to that every day, every week, month and year;
For no less than sixteen years, almost every minute, hour, Day, Week, Month and Year, have I been both an eye witness and instrumental too, regarding the last and final process of Cosmic evolution, creation and existence, which continued above and beyond our first, old cosmic Existence to new, far greater ones above;

Now, there is no hidden motive for writing this other than that I believe it might inspire a few persons .I am only human and one of you, only I was afforded this unique cosmic opportunity. It took me a long time to decide on this write up. What one human achieves is a success of the rest, too. Yet even great souls in the heavenly worlds could not comprehend anything until towards the end.

I owe it to all humanity for this rare opportunity to contribute to the world, a thought—a practical thought in the unseen and unknown, which could, (I have no doubt) inspire the whole race—along with all souls above, up the higher still rungs of the Ladder of cosmic Evolution.
The following discourses are but an attempt to confirm the above named cosmic creation process by my own experiences, especially shifts and ultimate growth cosmically, in consciousness.
Please make an effort to follow these few case histories, as I may, after wards, invite persons that might wish to ask questions:-

1. Tombstone

(a) It is about 8 o’clock in the morning and I am walking to the village when I approach the place (a home) where there are old graves and tombstones.
Suddenly, I see ahead, a ‘person’ in a robe and string belt on his waist, slowly drawing out of a tombstone.
I decide to run ahead, and the entity senses me then, and with panic, rushes—almost drifts, behind the bushes.
(b) On another, much earlier occasion, I have just entered my flat-let and it is late in the evening. I have just switched off light and I am seated on the edge of the bed. Suddenly, I sense, by my higher spiritual sense a terrible entity outside, at the door.
The monster, there is no doubt about it, has come to literally destroy me!
I decide the demon must come in so it can take a good look at me, to know I do not belong to it’s like.
Minutes later, by my spiritual sight, I am looking at a terrible monster seated in empty space about two metres away from me, and above the floor.
The monster’s big eyes like large marbles, are almost jumping out of the eye sockets as it stares at me with shock.
Copyright: Lord Eagle/ Sons of the Sun, Zambia

2. Reptilian Race

Behold, two or so years ago (before this present year 2016) as I take a casual trip to some constellation of this, physical world and I follow a river (shooting above) I end up coming, in land, a race of people, in a village, those that do not manage to run away from me, whose body texture or skin, is of reptilian nature. I am disgusted with whoever played such black magic on that race.
So, sometime later, I am back to that land, and this time I am escorted by a group of Silent Logoi—Archangels of the overall team of the Physical Plane. We look like a group of College Youths. They return as I proceed alone. My mission is to launch a process to reverse the magical spell.
The British Psychic writer, David Irke must have been referring, in his writings, to these same people, I suppose.
Copyright: Lord Eagle/Sons of the Sun, Zambia

3. Creative Process

Of the cosmic creative process, it all started following many developments, years after the Crowning ceremony by the long out-gone, Cosmic Dove Lord Maitreya, in the Valley of Shangta in Tibet.
It all begun from my physical body of flesh and personality in outer Earth. Then I was to wear the bodies and Personalities of the cosmic trinity, one after the other, until I was to wear that of the might cosmic Giant.
Thereafter, and up to the end, I was to be in my normal form and personality, but in the exact image of the great Giant, right on the spot driving the cosmic creative process—which sometimes, took the form of a mighty Storm out of the body, and moving ahead.
Copyright: Lord Eagle/Sons of the Sun, Zambia

4. Ant Men

In the very beginning of the creative process, there would appear ants. The ants would evolve a geometrical pattern which would turn into a whole Sphere. The interesting thing was that, the Ant Men would then turn into humanoids or primitive Souls. Could earliest humans on Earth, have been created in the same manner? So, I wondered then, afterwards.
Copyright: Lord Eagle/ Sons of the Sun, Zambia

5. Suiting Material

As I stand upon a newly created world, from the western horizon, there slowly appears a large bundle of fabric. The bundle comes slowly like it is being carried, only to stop about fifty meters away. The bundle then opens up partially to show me the trade mark and strange writing, for proof of good quality. Then it closes up again, and starts its journey back.
Later on, as I return the following day to inspect the same world, the material returns to me, in the form of a Giant Suit of molten White Light, and at once I find I am dressed in it.
Copyright: Lord Eagle/ Sons of the Sun, Zambia

6. Spinning Sphere

It is only four or so years since the beginning of the process of cosmic evolution, creation and existence, and I am visiting, in the day at a flat, chatting with the man I have come to see.
Suddenly, I see outside, and with a little shock, a large sphere (world) as it comes in, spinning through the wall, in pursuance of its rightful path of orbit around my person.
I of-course recognize the sphere from the real one of cosmic creation last night in a new existence.
The man I am visiting later makes a remark of strange energies.
Copyright: Lord Eagle/Sons of the Sun, Zambia

7. DNA Spiral in a Bottle

An occasion (in 2008) on my return from home to my flat-let in Pretoria then. I wanted cold water to drink, so I opened the fridge and took out the bottle, and behold;
There is a Black Light—beautiful Spiral—the DNA Structure in vertical position from the bottom of the bottle to the top-- the lid itself!
Copyright: Lord Eagle/ Sons of the Sun, Zambia

8. Many Worlds

Many worlds, spheres etc. swirl around me.
There is also, then, a long hook (for many years now) which periodically attaches itself to a sphere, and tows it away.
Copyright: Lord Eagle/Sons of the Sun, Zambia

9. Worlds Pop Up

As I sit on a bench in a park, foreign Spheres or just flat lands, namely, worlds simply pop up two feet or so before me, so I can review.
I could be on a vehicle as a passenger, and just in front, even at traffic lights intersection, a whole Macrocosm or Universe would pop up about three feet above the tar mac road.
Copyright: Lord Eagle/Sons of the Sun, Zambia

10. No Heaven

I can say there is no heaven, no image of God that I have not seen, or do not see any more; whole seas of them--heavens!
Copyright Lord Eagle/ Sons of the Sun, Zambia

11. Holy Spirit

Have, on occasions, watched from my body of flesh, the flow of the Spirit of God, run out, and then more is reproduced from the Cosmic Honey-Comb Body of God.
Copyright: Lord Eagle/Sons of the Sun, Zambia

12. Soul

Ever thought of what Soul might look and feel like? Texture far greater than a Diamond, Spiritual energies flowing through, and the Freedom and Joy exceed anything anybody anywhere, can tell you. Soul is totally indestructible, and we are all souls—not the animals of flesh that we identity ourselves with.
Copyright: Lord Eagle/Sons of the Sun, Zambia

13. I Saw

On one occasion I stood (in a Giant body) and two gigantic Macrocosmic Spheres approached from both left and right, at a ‘Mind-boggling’ speed and they by-passed each other then, some space or distance away in my front, by what appeared to me, to be but a small space in between them.
I was to wonder later in the physical, if they would clash, could not a whole existence disintegrate too?
Copyright: Lord Eagle/ Sons of the Sun

14. Watched

For years I have by my Spiritual sight, watched my own live images as on the far inner worlds, Universes etc.
Copyright: Lord Eagle/ Sons of the Sun

15. Big bangs!

I have watched creative processes, sometimes interspersed with both little, and big bangs!
Copyright: Lord Eagle/Sons of the Sun , Zambia

16. Galaxies

I have, on the inner witnessed birth of new skies and Galaxies and have even gone to examine them, walking here and there.
Copyright: Lord Eagle/ Sons of the Sun, Zambia

17. Souls

I have witnessed not only Giant bodies of Gods (Lords) but ordinary souls in countless millions, being born in many different ways.
Copyright: Lord Eagle/ Sons of the Sun, Zambia

18. Dead

Years ago when I used to worry so much about the deceased, I decided travelling beyond life and death, to find my friends and relatives.
Sometimes I would jokingly ask them what it was like to live in Heaven. They answered by saying that I must not tease them, as I knew far better.
Copyright: Lord Eagle/Sons of the Sun, Zambia

19.Celestial Cities

In the new creations there are worlds and cities of all types. There are Castles too. Imagine a City as large as a whole world, and far more besides.
What of a City simply hanging in bare space—in the sky and each of the edifices, is like a great mountain in size!
Copyright: Lord Eagle/Sons of the Sun, Zambia

20. On the Wall

During the period of no less than 16 years, of the process of cosmic evolution, creation and existence, daily, weekly etc.

Whenever I returned to the body of flesh in bed in the night and or in the morning, I would need only to stare at the wall or ceiling, and in Video form I would see the inner worlds and activities that took place or are now actually taking place, and I still do.
Copyright: Lord Eagle/Sons of the Sun, Zambia

21. Beyond Existence

I am in one of the great nothingness existences, hosts of such grand divisions of un-being, above and beyond all creation.
Up here I have no body or even light, or consciousness as it is known throughout existence. I am just nothingness. The fact is I am most peaceful—although of course, all alone.
There are no souls in such worlds, only below, where then I too, exist in different capacities.
Copyright: Lord Eagle/ Sons of the Sun, Zambia

22. Warriors of Heaven

In another respect, I have come to a world of Warrior beings, and I want to tour their camp or town. They are in thousands in number. Each one of them is struggling to reach me, so they can touch me and talk to me. Even their leader is just as helpless. So I quit their world, then.
Copyright: Lord Eagle/ Sons of the Sun, Zambia

23. Nuclear Fission

Much earlier in Nothingness grand division (lesser type) I am at a point, where I am without form or even light about me.
I am watching spiritual processes flowing up from existences below. At a point, where the in-flow is caused to accelerate tremendously, but then it is suddenly bashed out—with a great bang.
The result is nuclear fission. There is born a whole storm of nuclear essence, which by centrifugal force, goes round and back, down below, where, in Thing world it is converted, by nuclear fusion, back into the Black Light which always naturally floods the most supreme world (at every certain interval) of divine Matter, located inside an inaccessible Macrocosm.
Great was my joy to witness a live, kind of nuclear blast and storm, and just around me!
Copyright: Lord Eagle/Sons of the Sun, Zambia

24. Splashes of divine energy

So many times, especially when busy and talking, splashes of energy, around me, almost blocking my sight, and I have to Will them away faster upon a wider orbit.
Sometimes, these will end up in form of Galaxy as they continue to unravel.
Copyright: Lord Eagle/ Sons of the Sun, Zambia

25. Large Spheres

From time to time, white, pearly large spheres (larger than a foot-ball) come gliding majestically, manifesting at a common point, from front right into my left upon an anti-clockwise direction of orbit.
Copyright: Lord Eagle/ Sons of the Sun, Zambia

26. In Some Cases

In some cases, only an outline of one side of the vertical curvatures, of great Spheres orbiting around me, about two feet tall, continue to float into both directions at the same time.
Copyright; Lord Eagle/Sons of the Sun, Zambia

27. Spiritual Science

All religions are under the World Teacher Office.
So it is that inter-religious congregations have been going on the inner physical for a long time now.
That is the world’s orthodox Religions, but also others. Sometimes these gatherings cover a large space in different parts, each no less than that of several square kilometres, and Lord Eagle has to both walk and shoot above, while Angelic beings control the multitudes.
The late Sai Baba just before his death, happened to be there, at one moment, searching for his followers on the peripherals of such a great gathering.
It was then clear that he had come to the end of his term as all Religions were since 2001, and in particular now, been taken over by the Cosmic Eagle, and converted, on the inner, to Spiritual Science!
Copyright: Lord Eagle/ Sons of the Sun, Zambia

28. Human Logic

Human Logic shall jeer at the statement, but the truth indeed, is that, the ultimate number of the heavenly worlds of God is symbolized by the number of particles that make up the sum total matter of the Physical Universe!
Copyright: Lord Eagle/Sons of the Sun, Zambia

29. Face-to-Face

I am not in my Giant and all-knowing form and personality, but rather in my human form and feelings.
I have walked through rural, and two little girls accompany me. They are no ordinary little girls, though.
I am in a strange, huge, flat land.
Then I am disturbed by a sight ahead, of men—workers in blue overalls, whose height goes beyond tallest tree around.
I blame my LOGOS Spiritual Movement for straying here to this world where these Cannibals will surely eat me up. Then I have not yet realized (as often happens when on the inner) that I am not human just now.
Then as we continue walking east, I spot another group of these Giant workers. They are busy in a dip. I see the man that I realise, is their Boss;
A big, very tall Giant standing in the dip with some gadget in his hands. We stop just about fifty metres short of the group.

I am now, shaking within!
Yet nobody seems to take notice of me—us—my female Angels. That worries me, because I want to see their reaction so I can know whether or not I am in danger.
‘How are you, my brother!’ The Giant greets me, with only a glance and continues with the gadget.
Then I see something really strange. The great Being is wearing my shirt, and my long trousers.
Then I realise still, that He is wearing my face (only blown up in size), and indeed, even my whole body.
I cannot stand it. I feel a lump of ice in my stomach---as if fear is not enough, I feel like dying. I long for home, as I long for my family!
I am not yet aware that I am in my higher body.
Copyright: Lord Eagle/Sons of the Sun, Zambia

30. War in Heaven

I had known it all along, that the old, fallen Arch Angel, Lucifer would strike again, this time to try and avenge himself upon me. I even told some of my Spiritual Pupils years before.
As I lay in bed, I saw the word across my spiritual eye, ’War’.
About two weeks later, a fierce battle scene in one of the new great heavens, opened up to my spiritual sight.
Spheres of molten white (incendiary) light were falling from the sky, upon the condemned, newly (only recently) created great Arch angels. The balls of fire rolled upon the ground, scotching the ground itself and trees everywhere.
A Man in white, exuding long tongues of purple Fire, was walking behind after the blinded Archangels, and absorbing them into himself as mere atoms of energy.
I literally shot from bed to that great heaven, and getting behind him, while I shook and wished sincerely, that I had never been created in the first place, I said;
‘Why are you doing this!’
He turned (the Warrior of heaven) to give me a mere glance of pity and mockery. What I saw, left me confused as well!
His face was the Warrior side of the creator, and it was my own face in battle mood!
That had been about midway of creative process.
Copyright: Lord Eagle/Sons of the Sun, Zambia

31. Mock-up Battles

One ministry that I have found most exciting in heaven for any soul as Universal Co-worker of God, is that of the Armies (there are numerous of them—the beings) of Warrior Gods or Lords.
God has manifestations everywhere although he himself, is in the topmost regions. Everywhere near the land of the most Supreme one, there are circles of Warriors and, who are in the image of God.
Many times these great ones go through their fighting drills and undertake mock battles in small groups.
As they shuffle about, quite often, they cover the whole of the plane—in fact, a whole Macrocosm of the home world of a particular manifestation of God.
The highest self of God is different. He is so calm and peaceful in appearance, and he generally, sits upon a mere Chair for a Throne of thrones.
Copyright : Lord Eagle/Sons of the Sun, Zambia.

32. Eternal Gospel

The Eternal Gospel is about the Life of soul, the cosmic Biography, especially, of God and to a point too, that of the ordinary, created soul. God is the One Universal Soul and that of man is the, created soul.
The highest division or level of the Universal Religion of God for soul, is that of the cosmic Autobiography of God.
Beneath this one of the origin of the Universal Soul and the created soul as well as cosmic creation and existence, is that generally referred to as Spiritual Travel.
Thereafter comes the lowest level of the journey of soul to God in Heaven.
That is, Spiritual Science.

Copyright: Lord Eagle/Sons of the Sun, Zambia

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