Who Is The Cosmic Eagle?

First and foremost, the Eagle is a bird and one that is far bigger and stronger than the common Dove or Pidgeon.
The Eagle, unlike the Dove which dwells near the ground and is close to humans, is a higher flying -a bird that dwells in, and is the King of the deep skies.

There After

Most, if not all of these developments both physical and Cosmic, are founded on and revolve around the great Eagle.
The Eagle, He who had sent his messenger the Cosmic Dove ahead of Him to Earth!
The Cosmic and World Eagle – as the Supreme Soul that exists and live both above and in the physical below, is as yet to greet-salute the Mother Earth.
Then it is that the great Son of Mother Earth, shall give a brief account- tell the story of Soul-his story of many years in the wilderness above, in countless macrocosms than all the stars etc. of our own immediate physical Universe.
Then it is too, therefore, that the discourses of LOGOS of the One Universal Religion shall take a new turn for all those that thirst after divine wisdom - true knowledge of God above and beyond mere guesses and mere religious assumptions.
I suggest that you do not miss out on this story of stories.
For Now, just who or what, is the Cosmic Eagle?
Love You All-Mooya Chilube
Copyright: Sons of the Sun-LOGOS HQ

Humanity Was Right

Our humanity was right in anticipating, and with excitement, the revelation of something very important and great tied up with the close of the Piscean era-of Neptune and the age of the Cosmic Dove Lord (Christ) Maitreya.
Humanity-the world, has not waited in vain.

The World Has Been Waiting

The World has been waiting, so I said in my earlier general discourse on our Facebook page of LOGOS-and even the website.

Just what is it that the World –our humanity, has been waiting for?

Go Far

The cosmic Eagle has so far, indeed, landed on South-of the physical plane.
That is the message our last discourse sought to give to our humanity, and it is true that the Cosmic Eagle has indeed truly landed upon our South, and this time, to stay.

The Eagle Has Landed!

‘The Cosmic Eagle landed on Earth at Pemba early this morning, the 22nd of June 2014 in the 21st Century ADE. of the 3rd Millennium ADE.’

The Final Cosmic Creation

(Prelude to The Eagle Has Landed xxxiv)

So, it came to pass, finally, that the Cosmic Eagle—Soul of IBbala, one early morning resurrected IT (Muntu) the Most Original and Ultimate Being—the once baby entity of the ancient Primeval Void; the lone cosmic Son of the tiny, primitive earth World Mother Electron.

The Cosmic Original Teacher

(Prelude to The Eagle Has Landed xxxiii)
Besides, above and beyond the Commander’s guidance, there was the Logos—the neuter Spirit of God ever with the African World Saviour and Lord, besides.

The Commander

(Prelude to The Eagle Has Landed xxxii)
The African World Saviour, on the way up (and back as Soul) had earlier on had, right in his physical form and state, attained the aristocratic being and Chief of all Arch Angels.

Ancient Spirit of Nutron

(Prelude to The Eagle Has Landed xxxi)
The neuter Spirit of God mocked up entity of ancient Nutron the LOGOS-OGO. Thus Nutron assisted for a period of time according to Earth, to render advanced guidance to the Cosmic Lord Eagle—LOGOSOGO, as from the Tenth plane deeper into the Ocean of love and mercy greater, Spiritual Macrocosm.