The Commander

(Prelude to The Eagle Has Landed xxxii)
The African World Saviour, on the way up (and back as Soul) had earlier on had, right in his physical form and state, attained the aristocratic being and Chief of all Arch Angels.

This was the Nameless One—the most supreme who sat upon the Throne of the ancient Nutron and acted as direct channel of the Black Light form of (the formless One) the most Supreme God whatever IT looked like. No soul had ever cast an eye upon i...t before It dissolved Its body.
The African was in passing, acting on this far inner, not only as Leader of all Devas but as the Deputy to the Nameless One Itself.
The Earthling Saviour did not realise at first, that this period was to do with his final guidance and connection with the Black Light cosmic Consciousness that which had been It.
The Nameless One the Lord over both the Ocean of love and mercy, and all creation below, did not accept being referred to as God.
He preferred being called (this conqueror of Lucifer) instead, the ‘Commander!
Love You All---Mooya Chilube
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