Who Is The Cosmic Eagle?

First and foremost, the Eagle is a bird and one that is far bigger and stronger than the common Dove or Pidgeon.
The Eagle, unlike the Dove which dwells near the ground and is close to humans, is a higher flying -a bird that dwells in, and is the King of the deep skies.

The Eagle is not close to humans like the Dove. The Eagle is the habitat of space, and is king of Outer space. The Dove symbolized world civilization. The Eagle stands for Power and... Freedom-symbolized by the unlimited skies of the Outer space!
While the Dove symbolized the chief of human civilization, the Eagle is the Governor of Outer space and is the true Soul – Catcher.
A Moslem old man once described the Eagle on my Facebook page –inclusive of the predator Eagle. His praise article was great.
Otherwise, the cosmic Eagle is the actual Word of God. The Eagle is nothing less than IT-the personality itself of God.
The Eagle is two-fold in being just now and for a very long age still to come. He is God in heaven above, and he is God man on Earth and physical plane. On Earth he is a man in body of flesh and etheric being just beyond Earth within Etheric realms.
Love You All-Mooya Chilube
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