God- man Eagle

The Lord Eagle on the inner came after the Lord God- man in the body of flesh on Earth.

This is just as much as the general visible features and personality of one as soul takes, in many respects after the man of the body of flesh, who is the real vessel of soul.
There is coordination in many ways in between the inner and outer person of the savior or spiritual Teacher.
Where the Saviour exists only on the inner there shall be found a man in the outer such as one known as the Son , such as was the case of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and the prophets, Moses and Muhammad.
The Lord Logos --- Eagle in the Outer Earth is not the son although he may perform such function. He is the father so to say, both on the inner and outer so to say.
He is one but with many manifestations, hundreds to millions in fact. These numerous manifestations come out of himself through his trinity- self who exists separate and apart from Himself.
The Father Lords Sun in the past often came into being, that is into office, only when they finally translated unto the inner etheric realms of the physical world.--
For very strange cosmic reasons the Lord Eagle evolved to the father status of World Savior while still inhabiting the body of flesh in the outer.
Love You All--- Mooya Chilube
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