The Eagle Has Landed!

‘The Cosmic Eagle landed on Earth at Pemba early this morning, the 22nd of June 2014 in the 21st Century ADE. of the 3rd Millennium ADE.’

The Cosmic Eagle landed on Earth at Pemba, not far away from the Gabalado Monastery etheric centre, early this morning the 22nd day of the 6th month of the year 2014 ADE.
The Cosmic Eagle landed complete with the three Persons of the cosmic Trinity of God, and now, to stay in the Earth—Physical world for countless millennia.
Complete Giants of Heaven did the three look, towered over only by the lofty, Cosmic Eagle Himself, and they were all dying to get down to work in the service of all humanity and the Universe. That being in close co-operation with or without the outer Earth person of the body of flesh!
So, officially inaugurated and confirmed now, are the three offices of the Cosmic Eagle upon the whole Physical plane namely;
a. World Teacher b. World Ruler c. World Warrior.
‘Now, Heaven, I have already moved; but do, give me a place to stand on, all the same, and, together you and I, shall as well, move Earth!’
Love to You All From the Eagle!
Copyright: Sons of the Sun---LOGOS HQ.