Every Soul Has to Learn All over

(Prelude to The Eagle Has Landed xviii)

The following are discourses coming
just before the actual one, of The Eagle has Landed.

These are adapted from one of my books on LOGOS-- entitled,
The Living and Ascended Masters:-

Not only is it general knowledge, but it is really common sense, that Soul, and each and every soul at that, coming into this world—even for a thousandth time, must do so in the miniature form of the baby and little child.
All Spiritual Teachers and World Saviours did go to the older ones such as in ancient Monasteries to be taught all over---rather for reconnection from the outer, with the Primary Spirit of God.
I did not have such teachers physically, but rather from the inner right from birth through my youth and right into Spiritual Master-ship in adulthood.
Some of my books on LOGOS do testify to that and much, much more besides.
Right from the moment I was signalled by Rom Rag to leave for Earth (already as a Spiritual Adept) I resolved that I was not going to dwindle in divine consciousness, but arrive on Earth as a great Master still, and then continue to be.
So it was that I was to be haunted with Spirit of God and even trips out unto the inner planes even before birth and forever thereafter following birth.
So it is that I was to have many other Spiritual Guides besides just Rom Rag and the Father Christ Lord Maitreya.
The next discourses, therefore, are as an outline of my training by the great Spiritual Adepts of Earth especially prior to the Crowning ceremony in the Valley of Shangta in Tibet.
Love You All---Mooya Chilube
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