The Ever Cheerful Hilarion

( Prelude to The Eagle Has Landed xix )

One early morning, not so long after I had been to the Order of the Nine Silent Logoi on the Tenth plane, I happened to join a number of Masters just on the western slope of the Lord Maitreya’s office block up the Himalayas.
There were among the Masters of the Great White Lodge, Master Hilarion, Master Koot Hoomi, Master Rom Rag, Master Rakocz and Master Paul Veronese.

I had gone to find my personal Spiritual Guide the Syrian LOGOS Master Rom Rag.
‘Who do we have here?’ Asked—in a way of exclamation, Master Hilarion in a teasing manner.
‘He is our new graduate!’ Answered Rom Rag, quickly coming to my defence.
The logos Master Hilarion wore his old body (as some Masters do quite often) and even the ancient, white robe. He looked just like he had been (slim and tough-bodied) as the Apostle of Jesus, the missionary Paul, previously the Soldier Saul who had persecuted the early (Christians) members of the Way.
Love You All—Mooya Chilube
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