Cosmic Creation

(Prelude to “The Eagle Has Landed x vii.)
Just how big is overall cosmic Creation and Existence?
How much does soul know about God—the ultimate Entity of the most supreme God, besides just the numerous manifestations?

Ever imagined the resurrection of the most original and ultimate one, expiring in our present 3rd Millennium, upon the ceiling of our first cosmic existence of the Ocean of love and mercy grand division of creation? Ever heard that a new process of cosmic Evolution, Creation and Existence begun afresh beyond the ocean of love and mercy at the end of the 2nd millennium?
I do not expect anybody—even your beloved Gurus, to know. Even Arch Angels in high heavens did not know until towards the end. Only the Nine Teaching Lords were quick to realise this strange process which concerned the Cosmic Eagle, and raged on for about sixteen years monthly, weekly, every day, every hour, every minute!
The greater, Spiritual Macrocosm was first to be explored, planes—in fact whole, endless Existences beyond, are since recorded --with even sketches in the sacred literature of LOGOS of the Order of IBbala Malende.
Every true Guru knows that different co-workers of God are given different tasks and offices. Creation does not fall in the plain spiritual teaching office, for instance.
As further creative activities continued within and yet beyond our Physical Universe collective dimensional space, our Earth Scientists increasingly spoke of the ‘Expanding Universe.’
Sometimes, the wisdom (and humility) of the materialist scientists, is most impressive and amazing, viewed even from above.
Thus, the Cosmic Eagle has for many years been stuck with other matters above in the wildernesses of cosmic Existences—and Non-Existences too, even cosmic absolute nothingness worlds!
Love You All—Mooya Chilube
Copyright: Sons of the Sun—LOGOS HQ.