His Chief Disciple

(Prelude to “The Eagle Has Landed.” x.)
The very height of the cosmic Dove Lord Maitreya could have been the Piscean era itself—of the Emotional water Element up through the Martian cycle of the first World War and further still, through the Lunar cycle into the over-lap of the Piscean era with that of the Aquarian.

Then the hour signalling the end of his office as the World and Universal Teacher was well nigh, at hand!
There was a Disciple that had always been with Him in the past and even through Europe, Africa, Middle East, who had been ear-marked for the next Christ—of the future, he who was just now a citizen of Planet Venus.
The old Son Sun of two thousand years ago in the Holy land had already been in the world as the Syrian LOGOS Master Rom Rag. Others too, that had been his Apostles had already been in the world namely, LOGOS Master Shoo-Shoo of China and LOGOS Master Hilarion of Crete—Apostles John the beloved and the tireless missionary Paul.
There was one more important member however, being awaited, who in fact was the indispensable player in the world drama destined to unfold soon.
It was the Adept and disciple of the Great White Brotherhood on Venus, he who had been long anointed as the Christ of the future. To this adept back in Europe, the Father Christ Himself had declared one day;
‘You shall be the Christ of the future, and I shall be there to crown you!’
The cosmic Dove had then added;
‘ A place exists among the Angels for you, left by Lucifer!’

Love You All—Mooya Chilube
Copyright: Sons of the Sun---LOGOS HQ.