The Cosmic Dove’s Last World Dispensation

(Prelude to”The Eagle Has Landed”ix.)
The Lord Maitreya often said that He who held the Office of World Teacher, did not operate only through self-proclaimed channels but every person, religious or scientist in the ‘Swiss mountains’, who ever had their heart tuned in to his.

He was Prophet Mozes to the Jews, Buddha to the Buddhists, Krishna to the Hindus, Christ to the Christians and Iman-Mahdi to the Moslems. The Moslems are not wrong when they talk of the Iman Madhi outer manifestation of Christ, the Jews too. The Buddhists, too, talk about their own special Boddhisattiva Maitreya, the Hindus their own Kristo or Krishna. In fact the East used the term Kristo long before the birth of the Son Christ Jesus.
The Cosmic Dove Father Christ Lord Maitreya was, while He lived, the highest and greatest. Not even any of the ancients in the Himalayas such as Yaubl Saccabi, Fubbi Quantz, Rebazar Tarzs (all my personal ex-teachers) could in any way compare with the Etheric Giant and truest embodiment and personality of God on Earth.
The Lord Dove was as the Head-Master of the Earth Cosmic School of soul—(fourth in historic line) and was the head of not only all religions but also of the entire human race, not just a little band of vanguard spiritual pupils of a spiritual Master.
To the Giant’s office belonged all masters such as the Living LOGOS Masters of the Great White Lodge—itself. The Great White Brotherhood, headed then, by the LOGOS Master Koot Hoomi (Lal Singh) of Kashmiri origin.
Love You All—Mooya Chilube
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