Lord Maitreya

(Prelude to“The Eagle Has Landed”viii.)
Amongst the office blocks of the Giant, Father Christ Lord Maitreya (in etheric form of mortal British spiritual Adept) had been two great ones.

One in the Earth world situated in the Himalayas.His highest one within the Physical Universe was on the Subconscious Mind (Etheric) plane in the blue Light region of the topmost plane of the Physical Universe, a steely, bluish spiked sky-scraper fortress.
I belonged directly, personally, to those office blocks of the World Teacher Lord Maitreya both as a pupil and as a chief Disciple of the cosmic Dove Himself, and also to His Staff of elderly Adepts and of the general flock of the LOGOS Masters of the Great White Lodge.
Love You All—Mooya Chilube
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