Mortal Man

(Prelude to“The Eagle Has Landed”vii.)
Like all religious or spiritual teachers before him such as Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad or even Lord Aton of the third, Copper Age of cosmic history, the Father Christ Lord Maitreya had been in the beginning but a mortal man—a Christian Saint, under the world spiritual umbrella of the Great White Brotherhood.

He was, as a mortal man, of British origin, quite un-known even to the Christians except by his natural and humble disguise of a great Missionary, away from Great Britain—his beloved country and home City of London!
By the universal channel of Vishnu, this mortal man became—while still alive in the outer Earth, an incarnation of Vishnu or Lord Son Christ or the Vishnu cosmic stream itself.
Then it was to happen upon the hour of his due translation from the physical person of the body of flesh, that he became, in his etheric form, the Giant, immortal Cosmic Dove Father Christ—fourth World Teacher manifestation in the physical below, of the IBbala—the Eternal Word of God!
Love You All—Mooya Chilube
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