Ancient Prophecies

( Prelude to “The Eagle Has Landed” xi)

Meanwhile, rumours of ancient prophecies had always been in the world, about one ancient version of the One Universal Religion of God that was going to be given out to the world at the end of the 20th Century of the 2nd Millennium in the spiritual reign of the Cosmic Dove Father Christ Lord Maitreya.

The founding Adept to-be, of this great Religion would be the same one who had since been ear-marked the Christ of the future
Mystics migrating from the East to the West at the end of the Dark Ages had given these ancient prophecies to their pupils in the West, about the incoming great Religion which had first been given to the first, stubborn Giant race in the Golden Age. This religion the mystics simply referred to as the ‘Sacred cosmic symbol ‘L.’
For such would the initial of its name be. The pupils of the mystics in the West deciphered the secret name (initial) for ‘LOGOS’ and so they went about founding societies and naming them LOGOS—simply in anticipation and excitement of the coming world developments.

Love You All—Mooya Chilube
Copyright: Sons of the Sun—LOGOS HQ.