14. Who Said?

Who said God is dead?
It was not the Materialist Scientists. The Scientists simply do not believe in the existence of God and the religious theory of ’creation.’

They believe (although they now seem to soften a little) in the Big Bang, and their own theory, of Evolution.
That is Evolution by natural selections. Unfortunately our Scientists now seem also, to be headed for Evolution by ‘Human selections, namely, un natural selections.
No. It was not the Scientists who said it. It was the gods namely, the Lords of planes—if you have ever heard of such beings, and of-course, too, the ancient Saviours and Spiritual Masters of Heaven’s great flock of Spiritual Travelers.
Spiritual Travel—the next level above that of Spiritual Science, is the second one of the Universal Religion of God for soul.
Well, the Ancient Ones did not mean it in the literal sense.
Love You All—Mooya Chilube
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