13. The Greatest Threat to Humanity

Whether or not you are aware, the greatest threat to the very noble humanity of Earth, is man himself.
Especially man equipped or armed—of-course through the care-free Material Science, with the forces and the physical power which perhaps only a truly mature humanity should be in possession of.

The Scientists’ atheist attitude towards the concept of creation and existence of God, is however, not by an erroneous purpose, if Scientists as eyes and ears of common humanity, are to be truly progressive enough in the great work for the betterment of our race, then they just have to be less eager to believe in orthodox religions.
The mistake and danger always, could only be a leadership of mankind that may be fooled by science, into the great error of assuming they themselves are ‘god’ of all Universe and there is none other, soul or man above and below---because God EXISTS!
It has been man himself always who has posed the greatest danger ever to our race, including one of possible near Extinction itself, of humankind!
Love You All—Mooya Chilube
Copyright: Sons of the Sun—LOGOS HQ.