The Adept Rebazar Tarzs

(Prelude to The Eagle Has Landed xxix)
The famous Lama Rebazar Tarzs helped to train many Spiritual Masters. He, in fact, can be said to have been the chief Teacher generally, of the Science of Spiritual Travel in the world, on the inner.

He too, used to have his abode (hut) up the Himalayas, and yet he manifested in many parts of Earth to render help and especially to give spiritual guidance to pupils.
Tarzs is even now one of those of the same feather namely the Spiritual Travellers, who are Care-takers of the whole Physical world under the guidance of the Cosmic Eagle in another, and greater connection other than just Spiritual Teacher.
The Adept Rebazar Tarzs lived to the great age of no less than five hundred Earth years.
His only immediate senior by age, had been the Teacher of Yogda Satsangs the ancient Babaji.
Love You All---Mooya Chilube