The Great Fubbi Quantz

(Prelude to The Eagle Has Landed xxviii)
The ancient one, Fubbi Quantz, of Persian origin, was the Abbot, while he lived on Earth, of the Katsupari Monastery in the Hindu Kush mountain ranges, a retreat founded by Rama.

Fubbi Quantz helped to train many Masters. The boy Jesus Joseph went to study the pure spiritual, while in India from after the age of twelve years, from Fubbi Quantz at Katsupari monastery.
Following the surrender of the So Christ office by Jesus Joseph Fubbi Quantz stepped in to give some more spiritual guidance to some of the Apostles, among these, Simon Teacher ( the new Son Christ by appointment).
The great Adept Fubbi Quantz had been my spiritual Guide ever-since childhood, and his presence was to be by my side nearly daily on the inner right through my Crowning ceremony in the Valley of Shangta.
Master Fubbi Quantz lived to the ripe age of two thousand Earth years.
Love You All---Mooya Chilube
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