With Master Rakocz

(Prelude to The Eagle Has Landed xxv.)
One of the greatest of Mystics in history, who was in-fact to attain the experience of Cosmic Consciousness or Illumination, was Sir Francis Bacon, who was in fact to become known as Master Rakocz.

In another connection, Master Rakocz as Francis Bacon, is thought or suspected to have been one of the most likely persons for the writer of the books attributed to Shakespear. Master Rakocz was of Austrian origin....
Master Rakocz was one of my Teachers, who endeavoured to gallantly impart to me, on the inner, his great talent and gift of writing.
Master Rakocz saw it all, that I was to be involved in writing many books on the spiritual—of LOGOS of the Order of IBbala Malende.
Love You All---Mooya Chilube
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