Master Djwhal Kull

(Prelude to The Eagle Has Landed xxiv)
One of the popular Masters upon the scene of the Great White Lodge was the Tibetan Master namely, Djwhal Kull. Djwhal Kull was endearingly simply referred to as the D.K.

The D.K. was the Spiritual Mentor of the Theosophist Anne Alice Bailey, a pupil among thousands, of the Venetian Master Kuthumi.
Among other things the Tibetan Djwhal Kull was as a messenger of the Venetian Kuthumi. The D.K. was a representative on... Earth therefore, of Kuthumi while Kuthumi was out of this world and until the hour that he would return to earth for his great mission of the Christ of the future.
There was a particular feature, which is common to many Masters and Lords that struck non initiates as strange. It was his face and the eyes i.e. The look of the skin of his eyes, which was as a result of the kind of Spiritual exercises and practices the Adept had subjected his physical form to in his effort to attain perfection.
I have heard some church persons opposed to the Masters claiming to know the Master (even better than I did) that he was a demon!
The D.K. was indeed one of the souls in our Earth that did reach a state of great Spiritual perfection.
Love You All---Mooya Chilube
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