Rom Rag Translates

(Prelude to the Eagle Has Landed xxii)
Among the spectacular incidents in my life then, was to be the one relating to the transition of my childhood personal Guide Rom Rag.

It was in the second half of the year 1986. I was with family—seated before the heater in the evening....
Suddenly I felt a pull in the direction of our main bedroom. I simply stood up then and hurried into the bed-room.
I realised then that I had walked right into the arms of my Teacher in his invisible form and body.
I got hold of his robust, hairy arms, instinctively, not wanting him to go. Something told me he was on his way up, back to the heavenly planes far above the Physical plane.
Somehow Rom Rag managed, so easily and yet gently, to extricate his arm out of my grip and then he simply melted out through the window in the northern wall.
I stood still, surprised a little, feeling a loss.
Yet there was no place where I would not find him later. I knew we would be together (our team) in another connection as Universal Co-workers.
Love You All---Mooya Chilube
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