Bad News

(Prelude to the Eagle Has Landed xxi.)
It was in the year 1985. There were the three of us namely, our Guide (long since become Arch Angel too)the LOGOS Master Rom Rag of Syria, LOGOS Master Shoo Shoo and I, at Shoo Shoo’s monastery in China.

Previously, Rom Rag had announced great news to us about our great Spiritual elevation, and how finally, our (of three) joint World mission which had kept us incarnating for millennia into the Earth Physical plane, had now sin...ce come to its due end.
On this occasion, Rom Rag told us, Shoo Shoo (John the beloved) and I, that he would be leaving Earth—and us behind quite soon.
It was quite bad news to us (in spite of our full understanding).
My heart went kind of heavy, and I wondered what life on Earth for me, was going to be like, without him.
Love You All—Mooya Chilube
Copyright: Sons of the Sun---LOGOS HQ.