The Ancients Leave

(Prelude to “The Eagle Has Landed” xv.)

I mentioned earlier on how World Saviours and Spiritual Masters must belong to specific terms of office and service to man in the physical in accordance to their own World dispensations.

There are generally such periods of time lasting only about two thousand years on one hand, and greater ones that affect longer servers such as a World Teacher and some immortalised adepts—the ancients.
Later still, the Cosmic Eagle was to see back home to the inner heavenly planes, the ancient Adepts in the monastic retreats. Yet they were nevertheless to continue to be as Staff members of His collective, cosmic Office for decades and more, still to come.
All the ancients, and most of the young ones—who lived below 500 earth years, have now long since left Earth. They were all, starting with the Lord Maitreya, seen off by the Cosmic Eagle person of the physical form on Earth. The ancients, each personally bid the African Saviour, farewell!
Yet the Ancients, except for those of them that were going to the much higher, pure spiritual planes and especially the Ocean of love and mercy, were nevertheless to be available for higher cosmic duties other than of the general, spiritual kind.
Love You All—Mooya Chilube
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