Behold the Cosmic Eagle

(Prelude to “The Eagle Has Landed’ xiv.)

Long was the journey of the African Disciple to his due cosmic destination. In the last part of the year 1986, just for-instance, he was to relieve his Teacher Rom Rag. Yet the two were to continue working together in the House of the Preserver Lord in Kailash. Then in yet another connection on the inner, the four of them as a team-- with Masters Shoo-Shoo and Hilarion.

Ten years later, he was to relieve his most beloved Cosmic Dove Lord Maitreya. The Disciple’s journey was to see him to the Nine Silent Logoi’ Ocean of Love and Mercy Order, to get the mandate, to import the same Order down to Earth beneath Tenth plane and found it afresh. This had been on the early morning of 6 June 1979.
Besides the many rituals yearly on the inner, among these, that of God-Realization. He was also, to have an audience with Leza Mutwe (Godhead) in the Ocean of love and mercy greater Macrocosm. All of that had been after the Crowning ceremony in the Valley of Shangta in Tibet on the early morning of 28 September 1981, presided over by the Lord Maitreya.
There were to be such strange experiences on the inner heavenly planes. There were to be even stranger ones still, and these seemed never to come to an end, as one finds out in the sacred writings of LOGOS of the IBbala Malende Order.
In the end, however, this soul was to replace the Cosmic Dove Lord Maitreya to become the greater, Cosmic Eagle.
Love You All—Mooya Chilube
Copyright: Sons of the Sun—LOGOS HQ.