The Shortest Line of Adept-ship

(Prelude to, “The Eagle Has Landed” i.)
The bulk of humanity might perhaps not know that there are two facets and types of history.

The common one is the human, popular history. The other and far greater one is that of cosmic history. Cosmic history consists of four great ages or Yugas as follows:-
a. Golden Age b. Silver Age c. Copper Age and d. Iron Age or Kali Yuga.
Now there have been many Saviours in the Earth world. The greatest of these have been known until the fourth, present Iron Age, as the cosmic, Father Lord Suns. The name originates, I believe, in the fact that the eternal Word of God—IBbala, appears as a great Moon or rather magnificent Sun up the skies of the macrocosms especially that of the greater, Spiritual Macrocosm of the Ocean of love and mercy.
The flock of the Father Suns (Christ) is the shortest world lineage of Spiritual adept-ship. So far there has been but four of such great ones for the Golden Age, Silver Age, Copper Age, and the present Iron Age ,of which the Lord Maitreya who left only recently, was the presiding World Teacher and Lord.
The Cosmic Dove Father (Sun) Christ Lord Maitreya left Earth and the whole of the Physical Universe only a while ago, towards the end of the year 1996 A.D.
Love You All—Mooya Chilube
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