10. Living in the Past

The big problem about our race namely, the present, Intuitive, Space age Sixth Root Race, is that while we have made a few scores in Science and Technology, we have gone so materialist—greedy for money and social life, we have completely lost touch with true Spirituality.

Soon, catastrophes—not only natural but also (even more so) Man-made, are to start surfacing quite more seriously; as well as Diseases and general disasters.
Among other developments, another humanity—the Seventh and final root race, call them the Race of Tan, otherwise the Eaglets, is to start appearing in the near future.
These peoples—the all-wise and all-powerful indeed, were created in their foundation stock, as had been the Aryan Hebrew foundation tribe, in the 80s from an ancient root race of man.
These are the type of humanity that shall be in a position to mingle with the Aliens, especially those of the Aliens coming to Earth with the intent to conquer and colonise.
I must confess, our present humanity has gone astray in many ways, and they seem to know nothing of so many other developments above and beyond our world of the crude outer senses and passions.
Our greatest problem as humanity, is that we are, Simply, living in the Past!
Love You All—Mooya Chilube
Copyright: Sons of the Sun—LOGOS HQ.