Universal Channels of God

(Prelude to “The Eagle Has Landed” iv.)
Just how were both the Son and the Father Lord Suns made or born?

Now it has been taught that there are three major streams—Universal Central channels of God that flow down through the mainstream of the Creator Over Lord of the Physical Universe namely, Lord Brahm—Jehovah—Allah—Yahweh etc, and his consort Shakti.
The Over Lord is the Father Creator all within the Physical Universe below heaven. The three creative channels flowing through him are those of Lord Son Creator Brahma, Lord Son Destroyer Shiva. Then there comes the senior-most Lord Son Preserver Vishnu or Christ.
The Lord Son (Christ) Vishnu is the senior-most one of these creative channels. There is in fact, a fourth, minor one who is the actual Executive Lord. He lives within the Physical world and is popularly known as Lord Ganesh.
The stream of the Lord Preserver Son Vishnu is the central and actual House of World Saviours. Souls of Spiritual teachers on Earth, not only those that originate in the House of Vishnu such as Jesus (Rom Rag of Syria) Towki etc, but including those from the other two houses or channels pass through the central House of Vishnu—(Christ) the ruling principle of the Physical Universe.
Yet these streams are not souls as such and or personified until they (each at its own pace of two or so thousand Earth years intervals) take over a personality on Earth far below, who becomes then the Lord that particular Universal central channel of God.
Love You All—Mooya Chilube
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