15. In the Reign

In the reign of the Cosmic Eagle Lord LOGOS, after the Cosmic Dove Christ, there now has come into our Earth, a completely new and far greater brand of World Consciousness.

14. Who Said?

Who said God is dead?
It was not the Materialist Scientists. The Scientists simply do not believe in the existence of God and the religious theory of ’creation.’

13. The Greatest Threat to Humanity

Whether or not you are aware, the greatest threat to the very noble humanity of Earth, is man himself.
Especially man equipped or armed—of-course through the care-free Material Science, with the forces and the physical power which perhaps only a truly mature humanity should be in possession of.

12. Otherwise

Otherwise religion has since been overtaken by Material Science.
Material Science is indeed, the Force and Power of the entire Physical World.

11. Yet Uplifted

I will confess that true spirituality of our race, which otherwise, has been trying so hard to surface by other channels, is likely to fall back under wraps in the inaccessible monastic retreats!

10. Living in the Past

The big problem about our race namely, the present, Intuitive, Space age Sixth Root Race, is that while we have made a few scores in Science and Technology, we have gone so materialist—greedy for money and social life, we have completely lost touch with true Spirituality.

9. Shortened Lifespan

Given the deteriorating Earth environment and the pollution even, of the greater, atmosphere, our race is faced with very dire consequences.

8. Polluted the Atmosphere

One of the great issues of these times is that about the pollution (by man himself) of our greater atmosphere within which our Earth herself, is divinely situated.

7. Earth Environment

It is true! It is no joking matter, but a very serious and unfortunate issue, that man,--us the humans, have done untold harm to our Mother Earth.
Naturally, we indeed, depend on our Mother Earth for our very existence both individually and collective humanity.

6. The Cosmic Eagle Takes Over

In the beginning the Cosmic Eagle namely, the truest Cosmic Word of God, sent the four Sun World Saviours, among them the Cosmic Dove Father Christ Lord Maitreya.
Now at the end of the Times—the 2000 year long Piscean Era, the Cosmic Eagle Lord LOGOS returned to Earth to take over (besides other cosmic issues) the World Teacher Office, from the Cosmic Dove.
Love You All—Mooya Chilube
Copyright: Sons of the Sun—LOGOS HQ.